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Governance, Administration and Faculty


Ben J. Davenport, Jr., Rector
Jacob A. Lutz, III,
Vice Rector
Kim O'Rourke, Secretary
(Appointed by the Governor to terms expiring on dates indicated)

ex officio: L. Bruce Holland
Michael Anzilotti (2003-07)
Beverley Dalton (2004-08)
Ben J. Davenport, Jr. (2002-10)
Michelle L. Duke (2005-09)
Robert L. Freeman, Jr. (2004-08)
John R. Lawson, II (2002-10)

Sandra Stiner Lowe (2003-07)
Jacob A. Lutz, III (2000-08)
George Nolen (2005-09)
James W. Severt, Sr. (2003-07)
James R. Smith (2006-10)
Philip S. Thompson (2000-08)
Lori L. Wagner (2006-10)


Charles W. Steger
Mark G. McNamee
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
James A. Hyatt
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Raymond D. Smoot
University Treasurer; Chief Operating Officer of the Virginia Tech Foundation
David R. Ford
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
John E. Dooley
Vice Provost for Outreach and International Affairs
Earving L. Blythe
Vice President for Information Technology
Zenobia Hikes
Vice President for Student Affairs
Benjamin Dixon
Vice President for Multicultural Affairs
Elizabeth A. Flanagan
Vice President for Development and University Relations
Bradley Fenwick
Vice President for Research
Kurt J. Krause
Vice President for Business Affairs
Dwight Shelton
Vice President for Budget and Financial Management
Thomas C. Tillar, Jr.
Vice President for Alumni Relations
Richard Benson
Dean, College of Engineering
Lay Nam Chang
Dean, College of Science
Karen P. DePauw
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean, Graduate School
J. Michael Kelly
Dean, College of Natural Resources
Eileen E. Hitchingham
Dean, University Libraries
Paul L. Knox
Dean, College of Architecture and Urban Studies
Jerome A. Niles
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
Sharron Quisenberry
Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Gerhardt G. Schurig
Dean, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
Richard E. Sorensen
Dean, Pamplin College of Business
T. Marshall Hahn, Jr.
President Emeritus
William E. Lavery
President Emeritus
Paul E. Torgersen
President Emeritus


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  • The university employs over 4,700 faculty and staff at the Blacksburg campus and many more in support of university programs throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Listings include (with very few exceptions) collegiate faculty members and administrators at the director level and above. Please note that in an effort to focus on academics and on student interests and services, many staff essential to the operation of the university are not listed.
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